babies reaction to cows milk

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babies reaction to cows milk

Postby Sja » Thu Mar 12, 2009 9:41 pm

Hi - I require your advise on treating my 7month old daughter who has developed eczema over the last 3months. Its on her forehand, cheeks & tiny patches over her body. She is breastfed but has started to move onto solids.

We’ve noticed that whenever we try a cow’s milk based infant formula, or when we give her cow’s milk based foods, her eczema gets worst and she develops red spots around her mouth. Currently we are on a cycle of eczema, HC cream & when it gets infected antibiotics. I need to break the cycle. We also use calendula cream when its not so bad.

I’ve been giving my daughter an infant based probitoic blend (udo’s infant blend) which has helped, but I still think something is missing.

I need to understand
1. Why her eczema has developed
2. The cows milk appears to be aggravating the situation (I need to understand the reason behind why she is re-acting to it, is it because she is reacting to the lactose, the milk protein, milk fat or all three). How do I identify what it is ?
3. I’m thinking of introducing an infant enzyme blend, but not sure which one & whether it should be multispectrum or targetted. Therefore can you please recommend one that is safe for babies & plant derived,

Am I thinking on the right lines ?

Can you please recommend an action plan as any help is appreciated

Many thanks.

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Postby Mario » Tue Mar 17, 2009 1:02 am

Why her eczema has developed
Unfortunately there is no specific reason why it has developed. This is caused because her immune system is treating some of the milk proteins as enemy rather than ignoring it. The good thing is that babies and children will out grow milk allergy.
is it because she is reacting to the lactose, the milk protein, milk fat or all three
She is reacting to milk proteins and not to carbohydrates (sugars).
I’m thinking of introducing an infant enzyme blend
I do not think this is the most effective way. What you need to do is move away from cows milk. According to the Food standards agency“If your baby is diagnosed with a cows’ milk allergy, your GP might prescribe hydrolysed milk formula for her. You shouldn’t give her partially hydrolysed formula or soya formula without consulting your GP, because babies with cows’ milk allergy might react to these types of formula.”

Check out the Food standards agency.
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Postby hidonlinestore » Mon Jan 17, 2011 9:29 am

I think u should give only mother milk to your baby. It's very helpful to baby body construction.
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Postby AllergyMum » Thu May 26, 2011 3:06 am

I had the same thing with my baby. He was covered in excema... awful. I suggest going to a paeditrician. They can prescribe Neocate or Elocare. Neocate literally saved my baby. It has all the nutrientys needed for baby.

Hidonlinestore, Totally agree that breastmilk best for baby. However,Sometimes it isn't possible to breastfeed baby. Priority is healthy baby
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Postby jordankards » Wed Nov 28, 2012 6:43 am

hidonlinestore wrote:I think u should give only mother milk to your baby. It's very helpful to baby body construction.

I am agree with hidonlinestore because of, your baby only 7 month. Your baby can not diciest the cow milk and I have to say that cow milk is best, but after 1 year.
machine sous vide is most important thing
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