Milk/Lactose Newbie please help

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Milk/Lactose Newbie please help

Postby karenmoore16 » Sun Jul 03, 2011 5:46 pm

Hi my son is now 14 months old and was referred at 7 weeks for allergy testinbg he cam eback negative on all skin allergys but they put him onto Neocate within 2 feeds he was great. ( He is also aneamic and onb iron supplements)

we have now moved to a new area and my GP now wants to take him off Neocate as he is over 1 and try something more "cost effective" This being SMA Wsoy he has been on it 3 weeks and slowly but surely his old symptoms are returning plus severe constipation which now has him on Movicol(laxative) daily.

I am so annoyed but do not know what to do, can I put him onto Goats milk?

What is he actually allergic too?
Thank-you for your help
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Re: Milk/Lactose Newbie please help

Postby starslord » Tue Apr 14, 2015 10:06 am

Newbies Start Here! ... Q: Anonymous – Can I drink lactose-free milk if I have a dairy allergy? .... Maybe you can help me out on the casein and the milk protein thing. Reply ... Please see my book for further guidance on understanding casein, lactose, dairy-free, and how and what to eat on a dairy-free diet!
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